Now you can be up to date with the latest border wait time information and send reports in real time. The information collected from the CBP website is updated every twenty minutes and the user generated reports provide valuable information instantly with comments and images that show where the current queue is located.

Border Wait Times

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Our Mission

Canada Border Times is a social platform created to share images and detailed information of the current border wait times at the US, Canada and Mexico borders.

Making a trip to the United States or Canada and passing through the border implies a lot of situations that we must foresee.

The objective of Canada Border Times is to be the most reliable border wait times report with the most precise information so that users can count on it.

The plan to reach these objectives is to keep building a net of information among users, also to obtain the most relevant information from the border patrol website that will benefit the user when they plan a trip to or from the United States.

What does the border wait times report consist of? Canada Border Times represents an option that allows you to know the waiting time that exists in the international crossing bridges between the United States and Canada, where you have the opportunity to check the current wait times, share pictures of the actual wait line, check the cameras and analyze your options for the trip.

This is great, because this allows you to know the official information, which is updated every 20 minutes. Also, it’s a community that grows thanks to the reports of its users that add comments, images and real time information of the actual state of the bridges. If you want to participate in the community of Canada Border Times, just create an account, download the app and done, you can share your photo online, in the moment that you want, with that you will help other users and could win rewards.