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When will the border between the United States and Canada open?

On Monday, Canada lifted its ban on Americans crossing the border for shopping, tourism or visits, although at the moment the United States has maintained similar restrictions on Canadians. Reopening ...

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Canada US border will stay closed until US get Covid-19 cases under control

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke lon Wednesday, and mentioned that the country will maintain the border closed until the United States gets control of Covid-19 cases. Last week ...

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Restrictions for Non-essential travel to continue one more month

To the disappointment of many, the closure of the international bridges between the United States and Canada, will continue until the month of September. The announcement comes just as couple ...

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Non-essential travel will continue to be restricted until August in both US borders

Travel restrictions at the borders of the United States, Mexico and Canada will be extended until August due to new outbreaks of coronavirus.. Health authorities for the three neighboring countries ...

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Health officials will now be at border crossings for COVID-19 screening

As the volume of travellers entering Canada through the U.S. has increased in recent weeks, public health officials are being placed at land borders to bolster screening for COVID-19 ...

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Canada recognizes that it cannot contain the transmission of COVID-19 on agricultural farms

The authorities' interest comes after three Mexican workers died as a result of the disease Canadian authorities recognized this Monday their powerlessness to control the spread of COVID-19 in farms ...

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