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Melania and Ivanka Trump had a discussion about White House space and Melania won

Are Melania and Ivanka Trump friends? It has been said that the couple gets along, but recent claims have described the tension between the two women. Donald Trump's wife ...

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Metro Vancouver could see an increase on gas prices

The predicted increase in gas prices was not what many were expecting. Energy analyst calculated that the price on regular liter of gas would increase up to $0.07 and ...

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Authorities indict El Paso shooter for capital murder

On August 3, the United States suffered an episode of violence when news hit of an active shooter that was opening fire among various citizens in the city of El ...

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Arrests over Labor Day weekend near Oroville by Border Patrol for illegal entry

Over Labor Day weekend Border Patrol agents arrested two people in Oroville near the Canadian border and another one was stopped at the Spokane Intermodal Bus Station. Three people were ...

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US Custom agents have been denying entry to Canadian Muslims crossing the border

From what we know right now, at least six Canadian Muslims have been denied entry at the Canada-U.S. border in the past two weeks, news reports mentioned on Friday ...

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Canadians receive lifetime bans after being caught carrying CBD oil in US-Canada border

As many may know marihuana has been legalized in the majority of Canada, making it available for them to carry buds, rolls and in cases CBD oils, a popular cannabis ...

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