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Social distancing fines for residents in Vancouver

Since the increase of COVID-19 cases in Canada, also after it was confirmed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife was positive for COVID-19, and the closure of the northern ...

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is looking to bring back oversea residents by airlifts

Trudeau said the government is working closely with provinces and territories in the fight against COVID-19, but that Canada is not at the point where the Emergencies Act needs to ...

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Future plans for the borders in the face of a growing threat from COVID-19

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mexico number 82, compared to about 5,600 in the United States and more than 470 in Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced at ...

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Growing Coronavirus threatens United States borders with stricter security measures

Everyone is rushing to stores like Walmart, Target, HEB, and drugstores to be able to buy wholesale things like face shields, antibacterial sprays, and disinfecting wipes, plus food and household ...

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Boy Scouts of America File Bankruptcy After Multiple Allegations of Sexual Abuse

One of the nation's oldest and largest youth organizations, The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy in the Delaware court, after the organization faces lawsuits in alleged sexual ...

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March, the month dedicated to the importance of women through history

President Jimmy Carter mentioned in March 1980, “Since the first settlers who arrived on our shores, since the first American Indian families who became friends with them, men and women ...

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