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Trumps propose new migratory plan

Last week the president of the United States announced the new immigration plan that promises to bring many changes to improve the current situation that according to President Trump is ...

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Popular Canadian Summer Spots

It's that time of the year again with summer coming upon us, where we begin thinking "Where should I take my family for summer vacation?". Well whether you have ...

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New changes to Mexico US Border

A few days away from Easter and one of the highest crossing seasons for cities such as El Paso, are stopped by the recent changes made in several checkpoints, where ...

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How to protect your privacy at the Canada/ US border

Recently for security reasons border agents in Canada have begun to seize and search smartphones as well as tablets, and any other electronic device that might carry information. Probably the ...

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Drug smuggling: A serious problem at the Canada/ US Border

Drug trafficking has been a long running problem, that plagues many countries. The United States has been one of the countries that has taken a great toll when battling the ...

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Spring time fun and where to find it

With Spring break just around the corner, it’s time to choose a destination. But with so many places to see and so many things to do what’s the ...

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