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3 children detained at O’ Hare Airport by immigration agents

Three children who are American citizens were held by immigration agents for several hours at O'Hare International Airport on Thursday after arriving from Mexico with a relative, who reportedly ...

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Canadians can now expect to have their information collected at the border

The announcement was made on Thursday by the Department of Homeland Security, any legal citizen from Canada can now expect at the time of crossing the northern border to have ...

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Mayor of Chicago denies ICE access to CPD files

With the announcement that raid on illegal immigrants would start this past Sunday, Chicago mayor announced that the Chicago Police Department would not be allowing access to ICE agents, the ...

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Man throws himself from Niagara Falls and lives

A Canadian man going through a difficult moment in his life or as official said it “in a crisis”, tried to commit suicides by throwing himself over Niagara Falls in ...

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Canada Day is a time celebrate and have fun

Canada Day is the national holiday celebrated on July 1st; this year Canada will be celebrating its 152nd birthday. During this day many celebrations will occur across the whole country ...

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Maintain a healthier lifestyle

Sometimes we feel that 24 hours isn’t enough for all our daily activities. Finding a balance is not easy, today with work, family and other obligations that we must ...

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