New changes to Mexico US Border

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A few days away from Easter and one of the highest crossing seasons for cities such as El Paso, are stopped by the recent changes made in several checkpoints, where since Saturday morning appeared to be closed because of the transfer of agents to handle the increase of Central American immigrants seeking asylum. Last Saturday the check point found in the U.S. Hwy 62/180 was closed, after the agents were transferred to entry points between Ciudad Juarez and El Paso to handle the increase in immigrants who are coming to seek asylum. When trying to access the country asking for asylum, several are denied access and therefore most will cross at the lower levels of the river and wait to be stopped or detained by border patrol agents. In many cases, they are sent to detention centers until their cases are processed by the immigration courts. At the moment, several CBS agents are being transferred to help prosecute these cases and be part of the United States last line of defense in the face of this new "threat" to national security , with an increasing amount of almost 14,000 immigrants and reported that at least 1,000 more will cross on a daily basis. Many are being held at different detention centers waiting to be processed, in many of these cases the immigrants become minors, who are separated from the rest of their families It is also mentioned that due to changes in agents, it is expected that pedestrian and car crossing times increase due to the low number of agents and open lines. Not only that, but also several crossings of merchandise will also be affected for the same reason. This could represent a great loss of money for the State of Texas since in a few days comes Easter, one of the seasons of highest crossing for the celebrations. It is estimated that the state may lose up to $ 2 trillion dollars. It is recommended that during these dates and adjustments that are made at the border the people who have planned to travel through these entry points make sure to check the crossing times well, since at the moment the number of open lines is less than normal. Equal to know that review points are open to not run against time in your travels. This is a situation that will take time to find a solution, and for the moment several entry points in other states may still be affected. So far Ciudad Juárez and El Paso are the ones that are most affected.

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