Trumps propose new migratory plan

Last week the president of the United States announced the new immigration plan that promises to bring many changes to improve the current situation that according to President Trump is a major flaw in the country. Trump mentions that it will be a plan that helps the country grow as it would favor young and educated migrants, in exchange for those who come to the country through family ties.

The new system proposed by President Trump will be based on a points plan that again favors those who can contribute to the growth of the American nation, and seeks to put on the front page migrants who have recognizable talents, that can be financially support themselves and pass a civic exam, compared to those who migrate to the country for family reasons or ties, and in some the case to those who migrate for job offers and bring their families with them.

Representatives of Trump mention that the plan is to prevent the majority of people entering the United States just because they have family ties be it mother, spouse or children. One of the situations as mentioned before is that of migrants who are offered work visas and, in many cases, when this person moves to the country it is common that they are also provided Visas of stay to the couple and children of the worker. But now most of the Visas that are to be granted will be based on a system of merits and abilities. Although the number of immigrants who will be admitted to the country will remain the same only now decreasing places in certain categories.

The Visa process may also suffer changes, since this has also been considered to change with the new points system and take into account the age of the person, their ability to speak English, job offers or vocations. This also facilitate employment to foreign students after graduation.

The Democrats, like the Republicans, also await answers about the cases of the young migrants who arrived in the country and are under the protection of the DACA program, whom are called Dreamers, since the case of these young people was not something that Trump mentioned. during his speech and left with several questions about what happened to them.

Even so, there is much uncertainty with Trump's new plan, even those in the Republican party are not completely on board with the proposal, and even though Trump says that this new immigration plan will be "The pride and envy of our nation in the modern world, and this will also help separate the cases of frivolous asylum cries", not all are convinced.

There has been news already that since before this plan was proposed, various immigrants have opted from taking jobs in the USA, and have decided to look in the country’s neighbor Canada for opportunities to grow career wise, as they also do not suffer so much scrutiny from migratory protocols.

We can only wait and see what the president has in store for futures plans to help protect borders and entry of immigrants to the country.

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